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The Most Comprehensive Curriculum Solution for Student-Centered Learning

By 2018, jobs requiring high levels of education and skills are projected to account for almost half of the job growth.
Today's students are preparing to enter the 21st century workforce at a time when the demand for higher education skills is escalating at unprecedented rates. In fact, according to the Alliance for Educational Excellence, almost 90% of today’s fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs require post-secondary education. The continuing evolution of the economy and the nation’s job structure demands a bold revision of instructional content and a refocus on the student learning experience.

A Next Generation Approach Focused on 21st Century Workforce Skills

Conceived and developed from the ground up, The Learn Series is a comprehensive curriculum solution designed to prepare students to thrive in the 21st century’s knowledge-based economy. Produced with today's "digitally native" students in mind, this innovative curriculum solution helps students learn by doing through immersive, interactive content and assessments—all carefully aligned to course objectives and program assessment goals. The Learn Series course materials offer the types of learning experiences necessary for success in today’s work force.