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Transforming the educational experience for institutions, instructors, and students

At colleges, universities, and career schools across the continent, we’ve heard your


The Learn Series offers the


Textbooks too large, too expensive, and not integral to the course Briefer textbooks at unexpectedly low prices—offering more flexibility and more relevance for today's students
Learning resources so disconnected they make teaching and learning difficult An integrated curriculum solution that helps students learn by doing through immersive, interactive content and assessments—all carefully aligned to course objectives and program assessment goals
Course materials jarringly static and unsuited for today’s digitally native students Authoritative print and digital content developed by leading authorities in the field that allows students to transcend classroom walls and collaborate anytime, anywhere
Inflexible access to course materials that leaves instructors and students frustrated Multiple print and digital delivery formats, including content formatted for smartphones and tablets with a modular content structure for easy customization
Course materials designed primarily for visual learners, with little support for auditory and kinesthetic learners. Effective pedagogy for every learning style, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, along with Interactive digital learning objects to give students maximum content immersion
Textbooks that inadequately prepare students for the 21st century workforce Integrative assessment to give students ample practice in building competence against learning objectives, along with highly visual design and layout to encourage analysis and synthesis of content
Inflexible pricing that requires students to purchase far more content than they actually use. A flexible full curriculum pricing model, including a digital licensing option that costs significantly less than “traditional” print textbooks and can include a print option for students

Reinventing the learning course at a time

For Institutions

Improve retention, persistence, and student outcomes at less cost.

Content, courseware, and assessments delivered online, on campus, and in hybrid environments
  • Fully online hosted solution
  • Also available in "cartridge" format for leading LMS's such as Blackboard™, Desire2Learn™ and Angel
For Instructors

Simple-to-use, integrated, outcomes-based, reliable

Measure student success and engagement with every teaching and reporting tool aligned with learning objectives:
  • Course Management
  • Learning Analytics
  • Assignment Management
For Students

Interactive, media-rich, collaborative, inviting!

Improve learning outcomes and help students develop 21st century workforce skills.

Flexible content delivery for different learning styles:
  • Print
  • Mobile
  • iPad Tablets